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About us

M.K SONS is a Pakistan based multifaceted International trading house which, via its channels of professional and associated offices / companies overseas, offers a wide variety of services to many organizations in establishing mutual economic co-operation and understanding of export and import programs.

Imoport & Export

  • Fabrics: This includes different types of woven or knitted textiles made from various fibers like cotton, silk, wool, polyester, and more.

  • Apparel and Clothing: This category involves finished products like shirts, pants, dresses, and other clothing items made from textiles.

  • Home Textiles: This includes products like bed linens, towels, curtains, and other household items made from textiles.

  • Yarn and Thread: These are the basic materials used to produce fabrics. Yarn can be made from natural or synthetic fibers.

  • Technical Textiles: These are textiles designed for specific applications like automotive textiles, medical textiles, geotextiles, and more.

  • Accessories: This may involve items like scarves, ties, belts, and other accessories made from textiles.

  • Non-Woven Products: These are textiles that are not made by weaving or knitting, such as disposable wipes, filters, and medical products.

  • Leather and Leather Products: While not technically textiles, leather and leather products are often traded alongside textile goods.

  • Footwear: This category includes shoes made from various textile materials.

  • Apparel and Textile Machinery: This includes the machinery used in the production and processing of textiles and clothing.

  • Dyes and Chemicals: These are essential for coloring and treating textiles during the manufacturing process.

  • Textile Waste and Recycling Products: This can involve products made from recycled textiles, as well as services related to textile recycling.

  • Fashion Accessories: This encompasses a wide range of products like hats, gloves, handbags, and more, often made from textiles.

  • Textile Testing and Quality Control Equipment: This involves machinery and tools used for quality assurance and testing of textile products.

  • Lace, Trims, and Embellishments: These are often used to add decorative elements to textiles and clothing.

Our Mission
To establish strong, long term relationships with our valued clients and continuous efforts to offer them the highest level of quality.

Our Vision
To be the Leading coal traders and supplier in Pakistan we aim to expand our dealing in all energy commodities within Pakistan as well as other geographical locations. Our vision is achieved by fulfilling our core values and guiding principles.